Walking in the steps of the Father, following Him wherever He leads, reaching for more of His mercy, trying to be worthy of His love and failing. Volunteering whenever possible, seeking to be good enough for what was freely given and failing.

Day after day, week after week, struggling with unworthiness. Dropping into despair after seeing our soul’s condition and seeing no end to the pain and suffering. Then someone shows us the Truth, shares the gospel with us once again. What a joy to be set free, to know that Jesus meets us where we are and leads us into the light of the Lord. He removes the veil of darkness, forgives us of our sins and stays with us forever.

This joy we feel every time we are reminded of the mercy of the Lord should be with us always. Too many of us are Martha, worrying about being prepared, worrying about those who need us. Instead, we should be praising God, sitting at His feet and giving those in need into His Hands. Just keep your eyes on Jesus, do what you can for others and know that God has your back. He is ultimately responsible for this and, you are His servant only in charge of what He gives to you.