As we sit here waiting to see if we will be able to go to the grocery store today, we realize that we are truly blessed to live in a time when being confined to bed does not disconnect us from our friends and family. With all of the social media outlets, the internet, cell phones, TV, Netflix, ETC, we can be plugged into what is happening in the world and be entertained.

We can practice our faith, attend our church, see others electronically through facetime or skype or even through our phones. Whoever says that life was better in the past has no idea of the advantages of living now. Today you can choose to connected or disconnected, to be still or noisy, to listen to God or the world. There was a time when illness or circumstances could put you in a very lonely place. Now loneliness is your choice.

On the other hand, it is easier than ever to ignore the voice of God in your ear. So, whether you are active or incapacitated, take time to listen. Shut off the electronics. Make yourself a quiet place where His word can be heard and go there often. It can be a physical place or a mental place. The important thing is to use it to be with the Lord.