Linda and I are really looking forward to Abbey’s High school graduation. She has been such a blessing to Tara and Jason and a joy to watch as she has matured into a loving, responsible young adult. We will be watching her with mixed emotions next Friday as she accepts her diploma.

Joy and love will be there with us as we cheer her accomplishments and sadness that there will be one person missing who would have cheered the loudest and is her grandmother. She lost her grandmother a few years ago and we all will always miss her. But, on the bright side, she gained a new grandmother when Linda entered our lives who will love her just as hard, cheer just as loud and be just as proud.

When I was beginning to fade away and my family was beginning to drift apart, God sent Linda to us help reopen the channels of communication, to show us what loving members of a family do for each other. Now, we are a better family, I am a better father and I am a better grandfather. Plus, graduation will be a time to create new memories, not dwell on old hurts.

All in all, a win for my family and a huge thank you to the Lord for His kindness and mercy.