Two sites down from there is a travel trailer not much larger than ours with no slide outs. In that trailer, that may no longer be mobile, there live two women who are married to each other. They each have a child and there are two dogs, one tiny and the other a great Dane.

The big dog really likes to bark at everything that moves. From early morning to evening while he is outside he barks. And this annoying, but I see that they love their dog and are in less than ideal circumstances. Linda and I mentioned the dog to the office and suggested that they keep the sites near them clear, that way the dog would be calmer.

Even knowing their obvious spiritual and worldly problems, we get irritated with the noise and complain to each other. But, really, we are well off because we are able to (and will) leave soon. Besides, there are only two of us and a cat in this 21-foot camper. So we will try harder to understand, show more of God’s to them and pray for them. And yes, we will pray for ourselves too. We will pray that we see more through God’s eyes than ours, that we will speak more with God’s loving voice than ours and that we will share more of Him with even the most unloving of neighbors.