Each morning our cat has made an effort to get us up and let him out at around six. He used to get loud and obnoxious and generally make us both upset and did not get his way. For the past two days he has changed his tactics. Yes, he still cries a little. But then he crawls onto Linda’s chest and nudges her hand with his head until she pets him. When she stops he nudges again and keeps this up until she gets up and ties him outside for a while.

There is a lesson in there somewhere. Maybe instead of getting loud and obnoxious when we want something from each other we should try a little love and kindness. When we disagree with each other we should try to willingly stand in the other’s shoes and instead of trying to force the other person into ours.

As in all of life’s lessons, there are scriptures that apply even when we are ignorant of them. When God made man, He did not just make him and the universe and leave. No siree, He is still available through prayer and He even left an instruction manual for this life called the Bible. Life works better when we read the manual and ask for help. So, let’s try the manual, Okay?