Friday we went to Disney Springs and when we came back there was a whole section of sites by the pool that had miraculously filled up with trailers and tents. They appeared to be having a good time, fairly quiet but full of fun.

Yesterday we went to the pool and there were plenty of folks there. We discovered that this is a group of friends who have been spending Memorial Day weekend camping together for 36 years. The tradition started with a few friends and grew to over 200, although it is much smaller now. Some families have members of 4 generations here. Evidently the alcohol flows freely and there was some evidence of rowdy behavior all within the rules of the campground.

We kept to our end of the pool and soon there were several couples talking with us as we floated in the water. We talked about our work and our fulltime camping. One man stayed and wanted to know more so I told him how we managed to do what we do. He left with a thoughtful expression on his face saying that he and his wife could probably do it as well.

Planting seeds…