Last night I woke around 1 am with a troubled heart. God pulled me out of a sound sleep to (as Bill Dorminy said in church yesterday) take me out behind the woodshed. You see, we had signed up to arrive to a volunteer project in Pomona, CA on August 6th. When we found out that our brother is coming in from Austria and will be in Yuma, AZ from 8/2 to 8/5 we canceled our participation in the Pomona project to make our life a little easier.

Wow… what a mistake that was. When we started this new venture, the Lord impressed upon our hearts that we were to witness to His love and mercy at every opportunity in the campgrounds and on the road between volunteer times. And this is what we are doing and it is good. However, we need to be mindful of the fact that the Lord has volunteer opportunities for us as well. It is in the act of service that we can witness the best by demonstrating God’s love in a tangible way, with a glad heart, a humble spirit and an attitude of love.

What we are doing is an ‘all in’ ministry and never again will we intentionally leave any part out. It is not pleasant ‘behind the woodshed’.