We are living a life that I never thought possible and I know that Linda feels the same way. For instance, yesterday our daughter Tara her husband, two of her kids and grandchild came to see us at the campground and fed us after time in the pool. Tara grilled steaks and sweet corn and brought a salad. Laughter and fun and a time of sharing good memories and making new ones.

I know Linda and I paused to give thanks to those whose sacrifice helped keep us free and able to enjoy the day. As a veteran, who served stateside during the Vietnam war, whose sacrifice was only a short time in this life and not the ultimate sacrifice, I am so in awe of those who had the strength to go to battle knowing they might never return.

Are willing to lay down your life for a just cause, willing to pay the ultimate price for your fellow man, willing to follow Jesus even unto death for your faith? There are those who are doing just that daily, there are those pay for their faith by giving their lives. Can we do less? Our sacrifice is not to die but to live. Live every day striving to be more like Jesus, living every day in His service until it is time join Him.