Part of the joy of following Jesus is the knowledge that you can make all of the plans that you want. You can set up places to go and things to see, family events to attend, volunteer opportunities to pursue and even make reservations and travel plans. God will reach down and change your direction, He will show you a new choice, He will show you a different path, always a better path and He will always make a way for you to do His will, in His chosen location at His chosen time.

As we follow His lead, adjustments have had to be made to our travel plans. Now we have a better itinerary with more rest for Linda and sights to see that are important to us and we feel that God has had a purpose in this entire process.

So we will continue to pray for God’s guidance in the volunteer choices we make and start praying about the plans we make in between. We know that the Lord wants to use His people every day to show His love, His mercy and His truth to the world. One way we do this is to post every day but we need to do more. We volunteer when led and we speak daily of the Lord and His impact on our lives. Not out of necessity, but out of love for the Lord.