We spent four hours yesterday wandering around the Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Florida thanks to the generosity of our daughter. Being somewhat older than dirt, we made our way back to the campsite and crawled up to the pool and hot tub. After a decent amount of time there we crawled back to the camper, ate a little, sat and read and then slept. We had no opportunities to witness without feeling intrusive and no guilt over having a day of rest and play. Today will be a day of recuperation to prepare for Abbey’s graduation.

Tomorrow night will a bittersweet time of remembering the past and looking forward to the future for us as well as Abbey. This will be the third grandchild, high school graduation for me and the second for Linda. We have at least three more high school graduations to go, Benjamin, Daniel and Mackenzie and then some college graduations as well.

My way of remembering events has changed. I align what has happened in my life with events in the lives of the next two or three generations of my family. As we grow older our hopes for ourselves are either realized or adjusted and our accomplishment become unimportant to us. That which becomes important is our and our family’s relationship with Jesus. Our hopes are tied to God and to our family.