Today we will spend some time with our Florida family before we embark on our swing across the South to help at the David and Margaret Youth and Family Services organization (for more about this organization see: in Pomona California. This is a day of new beginnings for us as we prepare to go on our first long road trip to work on our first NOMADS project (for more about this organization see:

While this is exciting, less exciting is leaving family behind. These last three months have been a time of getting used to the camper, adjusting to a scaled down lifestyle and monitoring Linda’s and my health in the new environment. We have tried some things that worked poorly and learned what works well for us.

I am learning to depend more and more on the grace of the Lord and less and less on my own abilities. Our lives are no longer our own. We belong to the Lord and this makes for some interesting decisions. We no longer worry about what others think of us or whether they approve of our actions, we now answer to a higher authority. This both liberating and frightening. Our accountability is no longer to this world (in reality it never was) but to God. Please pray for us as we go.