We came through the storm. Driving 120 miles to our first stop listening to the newscasts about tropical storm Colin we knew that God’s timing would allow us to arrive, set up camp and rest during the storm. That is just what came to pass and although I spent some time in a pretty good rain there was no wind when we set up.

This is another example of what happens when we trust the timing of the Lord. Colin came after we were set up and raged all night and left by morning. We woke this morning to sunshine in what has turned out to be a charming little campground with a long boardwalk to the Suwanee River.

Peace in the midst of turmoil, rest in the heart of the storm is what the Lord promises, not freedom from the storm. The tropical storm came last night and we were in a 21’ travel trailer, not afraid. Not afraid because we knew that we are always in God’s care and that no matter what happened it would be in the will of the Lord and in His timing.

This is a perfect place for a day of rest before the next leg of our
journey, on to Fountain Florida tomorrow.