During our day of rest Linda and I went for a walk with our cat. I couldn’t help but notice that as we walked he would go out on the leash for a ways and kind of roam around until there was a vehicle to be heard. Then He would come closer to us and if he sees people coming towards him when we are walking he wants to run away but if I pick him up in my arms he calms down some.

Our walks are frequently disrupted by people and vehicles so I end up carrying him quite often. If we stay in one place long enough he will get used to the sounds and people there and not panic so much. He is more secure in his surroundings then.

We are very much like my cat. As we pass through life we feel free to roam around until there are real or imagined troubles, then we need to feel the loving arms of the Lord around us to carry us and protect us from the storms. And just like our cat, we will run willy-nilly from the Lord and He needs to calm us even before He can even carry us. More trust in the Lord would let walk freer and more boldly proclaim Him Lord. Let us resolve to trust more.