As we travel on this journey we are calling the great adventure, waking each morning is almost a mystical experience. We have to pinch ourselves to know that it is not all a wonderful dream, that we are really here, in a new place getting ready to go to yet another new place. We realize that this may grow old, but we don’t think so. Just like our former lives never grew old, only more comfortable, this will not grow old.

The Lord has given us a vision of what we need to do and we are honoring that vision to the best of our abilities, trying to spread happiness, joy and the love of the Lord wherever we go. As an aside, I thought doing without TV for a month would be hard. It wasn’t. Also, the Lord has turned this new lifestyle and my diabetes into an easy weight loss and maintenance program.

No matter where we are or what we are doing, God is there. This is a fact that we cannot deny and should not ignore because we will eventually be held accountable for every action taken and every word spoken while we are here. Without the covering blood of Jesus, we will be condemned for we can never please God on our won. We are fallen human beings who have to throw ourselves on the cross with Jesus.