Shopping on the road is always an experience. Things that you need are generally not where you expect them to be and prices vary a lot from area to area. There is no such thing as getting comfortable with the region. This is all good. With comfort comes complacency and we should never be complacent with our lives. We need to always be striving for better ways to do the ordinary, better methods to break the ice with new people and better stories to show how much God loves the world.

We hear on the news every day how much satan influences the world and brings strife and hate into our lives. We need to carry the message of Jesus, the message of peace and love and hope. This world needs large doses of Jesus and much prayer. Our function on this planet is to always be seeking a closer relationship with God, always be praying for the world and be seeking those who need an extra dose of hope and prayer. To do the will of the Lord, to rest in His love, to seek after Him, to bring His peace and hope to the hurting are the goals that keep us from being complacent. Sitting in church one day a week will never be enough. Complacency is not an option.