An act of terrorism, a hate crime, the act of a deluded mind… it matters not what the motive was, the why is not important. What is important is that the world lost fifty souls on Saturday. What matters is that there fifty families and fifty sets of friends who mourn.

Now is the time to rally around a community of people who are hurting, who are questioning, who need our compassion and our help. Now is the time to serve those who are in pain, now is the time to show the love of Jesus, not the face of the world.

As Linda and I sit in our camper along the banks of the Wolf River, we see only beauty around us. God’s creation is here. On display, in all of its glory and yet we are sad. Sad because of the senseless loss of life and sad because our children, grandchildren and their children are living in a world of uncertainty, a world where satan’s influence seems to be growing, a world where Christians are not stepping up, not showing the love of Jesus but the hate of prejudice, the face of intolerance.

What would Jesus do?