Well, here we are where the accents are strong, the people friendly and the history rich in traditions with a French twist. Life is moving slower for us now and yet time seems to fly by. This area is rich with wildlife and the heat is heavy with moisture.

We woke this morning praising the Lord for our health, our mission and most of all for His love and mercy. We are living a life that we thought was impossible just 4 short years ago. However, God didn’t because nothing is impossible when He is in your heart.

Faith does not limit your dreams, rather faith enables the Lord to expand your dreams far beyond your ability to dream. Pray to the Lord in faith, step out in faith, reach far beyond what you know you can do and let God take care of the details. We know He will because He always does for us. When money is tight, money arrives. When food is short, food arrives. When we are worried or uncertain, God comforts us. Illnesses go away, pain subsides, life goes on, the road becomes less bumpy and the occasional wrong turn becomes a whole new adventure.

Trust in the Lord and hang on for a wild ride.