This was a divinely scheduled stop. We have been able to be a comfort to some hurting folks and an encouragement to others. The Lord certainly put us in a unique situation here. The only people that we have met are local, born here Cajun people and the first question they ask us is how did you hear about us and why did you come here? Not an uncomfortable question but an honest inquiry. One of the folks here said that anyone who lives North of I10 is a northerner.

Rather than feeling like outsiders we feel like welcomed guests who have come for a time and will move on. So much so that we pray that the Lord will lead us back here sometime. We are so glad that we scheduled a week here, Linda needs so extra rest and there are a couple of things we want to do. We will be taking a swamp tour and sampling the local food.

One interesting note about the food. Several people have told us the best food to be had is not in the restaurants. The convenience stores and gas stations are the places to sample Cajun food. This reminds me of the message of redemption, simple things like being born in a manger, confounding the mighty with the unlearned and finding the best food in a gas station. Amazing.