Yesterday Dudley and family stopped by our trailer and, just as promised, brought us two Cajun po’boys. When he stopped by on Wednesday to say hello and ask how we found our way into the swamp to this campground, he said he would bring some authentic Cajun food. And he did. We stood and talked with the family for a bit and then ate the best sandwich we had ever eaten. And just think he said he would be bringing some brown jambalaya by on Sunday.

What he does not know is that our money is running a little tight until the next check arrives on Wednesday and we have been eating peanut butter and jelly. When money is short and we think we need more, God brings a stranger with food. When our spirits are low and we wonder if this is the right path, God brings a stranger who lifts us up. Once again, God shows us that just as we are that stranger for others, we also need others to help us. What an intricate and amazing thing is God’s plan. Each of us has a part and as much as we bless others, others bless us even more.

Linda and I are on a faith journey, a faith journey that will end in the loving arms of Jesus.