Yesterday evening, we walked around the campground because it had really filled up Friday seemed so full of fun and lively with Cajun music playing on speakers everywhere. What a fun experience! People waved at us, shouted out greetings and even stopped us to talk, dance with Linda and offer us food.

I will admit that the beer was flowing freely but beer seems to be an integral part of the culture here, just as food is. This stop has rejuvenated us, given us a new sense of purpose and brought us new friends. Life is full in the middle of the swamp.

On another note, I miss my Dad and think of him often, especially when we are sampling the locally made food. This was what he wanted to do when he and Mom traveled, but he couldn’t. Allergies to many food groups prevented him from tasting the local foods and allergies to many perfumes and scents limited his ability to interact with others. Still, he traveled and did and saw as much as he could. So, this week I have eaten Cajun food cooked by locals in memory of my father and I have walked with, spoke with and learned about local things for my father. And a little bit for me, too.