So there we were yesterday, just West of Lafayette, Louisiana on Interstate 10 when a tire on our trailer blows right off of the rim. I feel a bump and look in the mirror to see something black whirling across the passing lane into the median. As I am slowing down a car passes us, honks and kindly points at the trailer. As we pull to a stop we immediately start thanking God for our blessings.

A call to Good Sam roadside assistance brings a tow truck to change the tire, down time only an hour and a half. The incident could have been in a remote area, another blessing. Our Social Security check was deposited last night and there is a Camping World on our route tomorrow. More blessings.

Then we settled down to sleep, Linda said “today was a good day.” Yesterday could have turned so badly. Single axle trailer, disaster. Tire pieces hit another car, disaster. Remote area, potential trouble. Spare tire unusable, disaster. No check today, disaster. God is certainly watching over us as we pursue Him and our mission. Today we rest and tomorrow we move on, pausing at Camping World to replace the spare.