Life can be a series of troubles, setbacks and disappointments. A day of problems is sometimes followed by a night of illness and the world can seem to be illegally piling on. Then you wake up with too little sleep, say a quick prayer praising God for the new day, push the button on the coffee pot and suddenly life is good again. Laughter is indeed a great healing agent and love given in large doses does wonders for the soul. We live in a world full of love and joy, but watch out. That love and joy can be fleeting if you depend on the world and not the Lord for comfort.

There is no problem too great for God, there are no illnesses that are more than He can handle and there are no hurts that He cannot cure. If you will give every crisis, every ailment and every hurt to Jesus He will ease your pain and relieve your disappointment.

We are told to have hope in a better tomorrow. If you believe in Jesus and have received the Holy Spirit in your heart, that hope is reality today, now, this minute. Nothing in this life can put out that flame of hope for it will lead you to an eternity with the Lord.