There are white-tailed deer everywhere in this RV park and the cat does not know whether they are friend or food. He is really enjoying the park with lots of Texas sized sites, grass and pecan trees for plenty of shade. We, on the other hand, are going to grocery shop, do laundry and prepare for tomorrow’s move to Medina Lake outside of San Antonio. Normally this would be a day of rest but not with circumstances as they have been.

Once again, no TV so last night Linda read Ecclesiastes, we walked and talked about our blessings. And I worked on our travel plans. Yes, we plan our days and make our goals knowing that the world may try to interfere, disrupt and destroy what good we try to do. We keep on because we know that the plans that God has made for us includes facing adversity, includes being subjected to the evils of satan.

Our times of testing are there to strengthen our faith. As any good father, our Father in heaven wants us to succeed, wants us to grow and mature and become worthy sons of the Father, that is why He sent the Holy Spirit. His Love will carry us through any adversity and His faith in us only increases our faith in Him.