It seems that each place we stop is better than the place before. But, here on Lake medina is magical. Good neighbors all around, shady site with a lake view and, best of all, lots of birds and animals. The deer here are used to being fed corn spread on the ground, people and dogs (and cats) do not bother them. In fact, the rumor is that they will eat out of your hand. We are going to test this later when we buy some feed corn.

Today will truly be a Sabbath day for us, a day of rest and worship as we settle in for this week in San Antonio. Maybe we will take a short walk by the lake, maybe not. A day of rest is just that… a day to recover from our travels. Yesterday we drove through a Texas thunderstorm with the wind and rain that only Texas can produce and arrived at the campground in the rain which obligingly stopped for us to set up and then started again full of the sound and fury of a thunderstorm.

The Lord’s mercy always amazes me. There was no reason for the storm to abate while we set up. We woke up this morning praising God for His mercies beginning with Jesus and the Cross.