Yesterday was a day of rest. I went to the small grocery that is nearby and bought a few essentials. The balance of the day was spent reading, talking and taking short walks. Oh, yes, there was the afternoon Texas thunderstorm to liven things up. All in all, a day to reflect on life, our journey and how we became who we are.

Last night I went to bed to get another good night’s sleep. While I slept hard and long, my dreams were anything but restful and peaceful. My mind turned to years gone by, missed opportunities, failures, a prior life without God and my stepson who is an alcoholic and drug addict. Satan tormented me with my failures, I tormented myself with my failures and then the dawn came.

This morning I woke, praised the Lord for who I am today and rose and faced this day and what a start it has been! Linda will probably be posting pictures of feeding the deer, some of them were eating right out of her hand. We took a good walk with our cat, talked with neighbors and at 8:30 this morning we are drinking coffee, praising the Lord and getting ready to fix breakfast. With the help of the Lord, today has already been a good day.