Today we take the Alamo. Well, not like Santa Ana did but we are going there anyway. The regional history that contributes to our national heritage is interesting as well as important. It shows that this country is made up of a diverse population, living in diverse climates and cultures and yet able to blend together to form a strong, vibrant nation. Sometimes we forget where this nation started from and how it grew. We become so entrenched in our little part of this large nation that we no longer see the diversity that is.

As we travel across this land we praise God for the variety of cultures that we encounter, for the openness of the people and simply for the opportunity that we have to do this. In just a short time we will be celebrating the birth of our nation. As we remember those great men who forged this idea of freedom into a place to live let us also remember all of those who worked tirelessly to bring equality to all those who live here and those who fought and those who died to keep our way of life intact.

The Lord has blessed this nation and if we want to keep it blessed, we need to pray that our leaders and our society place Him back in charge.