Turning 69 gave me pause, made think about my life and how I have lived it. I now know that my life has had value only when it reflected to the Light of Jesus. Only when Jesus was showing through me was I complete, only as I leaned on Him, only as I allowed the Lord to lead. Even as a young man I knew there was a purpose beyond me that I was given life for. It took me a long time to see that purpose and act on that purpose.

When I was a young man my mother asked me a question that all young men should be asked at eighteen. What do you feel should be your main goal in life? My answer was that I wanted to make people happy. That is still my goal. However, my methods have changed drastically over the years. If asked the same question today, I would answer to show others the love of Jesus so they too can be happy.

So, yesterday I had been on this earth for 69 years but alive in the Lord for 7 years. Don’t take 62 years to realize that God loves you. Repent and believe now and learn your gifts that He gave you to serve with and go, serve.