On this morning’s walk Little Man, our cat, investigated everything like he always does. He even went to check out two fawn that were walking down the road with their mama. Well, mama deer didn’t like it made sound to warn him off. When he didn’t leave fast enough she charged at him and chased him to the end of his leash before stopping. Duly subdued the cat laid down until I picked him up and carried him for a minute, then he was fine.

Being a cat he will probably never realize that I am his protection and running to me first would have been easier and much less stressful. I am afraid that we do the same thing. We run into trouble and then run away as fast as we can. When we get to the end of or rope, we all too often just quit, lay down and withdraw from the world. Jesus is there throughout the process just waiting for us to change direction and run to Him.

Of course, the better strategy is to become friends with Jesus, change direction (repent) before the trouble starts and allow the Holy Spirit into your heart. Then, although troubles will still surely come, you do not need to run, because your comfort and protection will be with you.