After a week of rest and sightseeing, we move on. Each stop along the way provides its own rewards, its own opportunities to meet new people, to share our lives with others. Our cat made friends with some deer and began to overcome his fear of strangers and dogs when he is leashed and we received the blessing of new people and places to remember.

Although we are now gypsies roaming the country, seeing new places and meeting new people, we are still anchored, anchored by Jesus. Without His mercy, love and compassion, we could not do what we are doing. Every day we see evidence of His blessings, every day we exalt Him in our thoughts and words and try to exalt Him with our actions. For we know that we are loved by a mighty God, Creator of the universe. He sees each of us and is filled with compassion and He is yearning for those who do not know Him to turn from their own ways and fall into His loving arms.

Our greatest wish is that you who are reading this could fully realize your gifts, that you could know Jesus as a close personal friend who is there to encourage, to lead and to love you. No matter what you have become, as long as you have breath, it is not too late.