Yesterday was the second time that we have been offered something to help us on our way as we spread the good news of Jesus. The first time was at the Cajun campground where a man brought us supper for four nights in a row when we were eating peanut butter and jelly waiting for our check. This time it was a couple in Texas who brought us two bags of groceries, including frozen meats. Unsolicited blessings, unwarranted grace from a loving God through the hands of others.

We have been volunteers helping others in their time of need and received the blessing of being used by God to be His hands and feet. What an awesome, humbling and uplifting feeling it is to be the recipient of His blessings through others. Watching miracles of answered prayer, the generosity of those who help, the daily blessings that rain down from heaven makes us wonder how anyone could doubt the existence of the Lord and His goodness and kindness and love for His people.