The Fourth of July, the day when we celebrate the birth of our nation. As with all births there came a period of great pain and only through the perseverance of the people did the birth result in a living nation that stood tall to assume the mantle of the protector of freedom. Nearly one hundred years in the making was this freedom for all men and I’m thinking another sixty years or so before women were freed to vote.

Now that is a long gestation period by anyone’s standards. During that time there were many attempts to abort this child-nation that was rising and even today there are dissidents willing to destroy what now lives. Through the efforts of its citizenry, the United States of America has persevered as a shining beacon of hope for the world to see. This beacon draws others to it, some to seek a new life, some to bask in its light and some to try to destroy the light by whatever means possible.

Let us resolve today as we celebrate our great country to never let others tarnish what is a great legacy, never let others destroy our hope. Let us never lose sight of what is great here even as we strive to improve what our ancestors left us. God bless America.