When we pulled into this campground in Fort Stockton, Texas it was 103 degrees. Setup was done in near record time, luckily the site was flat so no leveling was needed. I rushed into the camper to get cooled off only to find the heat was still inside. The air conditioner was laboring mightily but it still took several hours to get the camper cooled off. We enjoyed the fireworks from our window and slept well, knowing that God was with us, even in this overheated, desolate place.

This morning at around 7 we all went for a pleasant walk before the land heats up again. This country is flat and the sky is big, the wind is constant and the trees are stunted. The ground is rock hard and the humidity non-existent. Even so, there is beauty in the land. The sunsets are wonderful and the peace of the sunrise is soothing to the soul. We wouldn’t want to spend more than two nights to rest here this time of year, but it would be nice to come back through in cooler weather to see the sights.

God’s creations, like God’s people, need to be judged by all of the seasons, not just one. So we will try to reserve our opinion and rescind the ‘desolate’ adjective until we know more. Just like we should not judge people by the small glimpses we get of them.