Well, yesterday’s two-night stay turned into one night and the campground got a $15 bonus for being so bad that the water quit in the morning and the office doesn’t open until 1PM. We did discover through this process that Linda needs the full day of rest between travel days. She is hurting a little more than usual today so this will become an eight-day week.

This campground is small and tight but serviceable and has two very important things going for it. It is seven miles from Carlsbad Caverns National Park and 96 miles from Roswell, NM, a place Linda has always wanted to visit. Plus, it had space available. We had to cancel the reservation we had for this area because they did not reserve a site with full hookups for us and we need those badly.

Once again, God keeps us safe as we travel and provides what we need when we need it. Learning to trust is difficult but as these setbacks occur and I am helpless to fix them, the Lord steps in. What we are learning to do is to be at peace under all circumstances and let the Lord do what He does best. Be our Father Who cares for us and protects us and provides for us.