Yesterday we rested and today we are going to Carlsbad Caverns to see more the Lord’s creation. On our walk last night Little Man, our cat, had an encounter with a nice lady who marveled at the leash and petted him much to his pleasure.

His next encounter was with a rather large dog who was not on a leash and just wanted to see this strange leashed cat. Scary for the cat and me since he was supposed to be leashed as well. The dog’s owner came over and got him, unapologetically, and acted like the cat had no business being in the park. Oh well, just another example of why we need to pray unceasingly and turn all things over to the Lord.

The world will always try to bring you down, to discourage you and bring uncertainty into your life. You will meet people who will put you down or question who you are or even why you exist. Just remember that the Lord loves you and there are those who will lift you up, who will encourage you and whose very presence will give you hope. Remember that you, by your very existence, have worth. You are a creation of God, take hope from this. He has purpose for your life and when your life on earth is through, He has a purpose for your eternity.