When we were young, our generation protested the inequalities of the times, screaming and railing against the established order. Well, it is fifty years later and look what we reaped, the whirlwind of dissent, anger and inequality, the very things we vowed to correct. Only now, the violence is stronger, the deaths more numerous and total anarchy is closer than ever.

What went wrong? Our generation tried to create a better world for our children, we worked to make things right. However, in our efforts to make a better world we discarded too much of the old. We decided that we could do this change without God. Now we live in a godless society that kills instead of debates, that allows deceit and treachery to be rewarded.

We will soon be going to the polls to elect a new president and our choices are so bad that many will stay home not willing to support either candidate. Where are the honest people who are needed to perpetuate the ideals of democracy? Like us, they are unwilling to suffer the degradation of politics where the only way to be heard is to lie and cheat and foment violence.

Pray for our nation, it is too late for human intervention to do any good. Only God can heal this brokenness.