One of the great joys of my life has been seeing how God has worked on me to make me more like His Son. I just saw some of the results as I cried over a story that would not have moved me before. This started me thinking… what changes have I seen and did I see any of them coming.

I cried out to God for peace during a difficult time in my life (after a lifetime of trying to do it myself) and He brought me to Jesus. Well, peace I received. But you never receive just what you ask for. As you surrender, and to a large extent to what degree you surrender, God allows the Holy Spirit to transform you. Your anger goes away, your disappointment in life vanishes, your need to be always in control disappears, your grudges become seen for what they are; in short, you start to reject evil and embrace God.

These little posts are a direct result of the work of the Lord in my life. My need to share Jesus and His bounty overcame my reluctance to write. I now share my faith whenever and wherever possible. Won’t you too?