It seems that there is an assumption that to be a Christian you have to be angry, judgmental and unhappy with the world. For us nothing is further from the truth. WE love our life, we love the Lord and we love all of God’s creation. Even before beginning our travels, this was so. Since we were saved, nothing has ever happened to change that, not illness, not personal setbacks, not the political climate, nothing.

As Christians, we are but sojourners in this world, travelers passing through from Glory to Glory. Every day, but especially those days when satan interferes with our plans, is a wonder, every day is a gift from God and every day should be lived to His glory.

We should be shining beacons, reflecting the glory of the Lord, as we point to the Way, the Truth and the Light. We cannot judge what happens in the world because we are not of the world. As a part of God’s glorious creation. all we can do is see God’s glorious creation and love God’s glorious creation. This includes each other.

So, when you are digging into God’s Word, mining for the precious truths that are there remember that the greatest truth of all is that God is Love. Engrave John 3:16 on your heart.