Salvation… a word that you hear often from Christians. We are always saying that you need to be saved from the evils of the world. Here in America the world looks like a pretty nice place. Our fights and arguments generally do not result in murder and mayhem. In fact, if we avoid confrontation and just try to get along, our world is a pretty nice place. Even in today’s unsettled times, there are places of safety, our world is an easy world.

What then is a Christian to do to convince Americans, who already profess to be Christians but show no fruit, that they need more, that they need Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Most will say, this is enough, we are satisfied.

The key may very well be to say nothing, to not argue and just love them. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, others will see, they will know you by your fruits and they will want what you have. When they ask, share. When they want to know tell them, otherwise, just be. Just do the work of the Lord wherever you are led, be obedient to His calling and you will save souls.

Do not share Jesus when you think the need is great, share Jesus when others see that they need what you have.