Yesterday we left Carlsbad where the temperature has been over 100 all week and this morning we are high in the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico with a morning temperature in the sixties. What a difference 143 miles and 4,000 feet in elevation makes. We were welcomed into this tiny campground by open, friendly faces and as we have been here we realize why. This is such a serene place, just like wagons circled in a meadow surrounded by woods.

Once again, this was not a part of the trip when we started but became so. When the Lord takes control, all heaven breaks loose and as we move towards our destination for service it seems that He shows us more time to rest, more amazing things to see and more love.

Everything we are and everything we do starts with our love for the Lord, which started when first He loved us. We have no skills, no special abilities and we even have some fairly severe handicaps, yet, God can use us. Any thought that you have that you cannot serve the Lord comes from satan and the world. He can use anyone to show His love. Jesus can shine through anyone willing to allow Him access, access to their heart.