I know that the evil we see on the news is real and that there are forces aligned against our Lord in this world as well as the heavenly realm. I know that the Lord has plans for all of His people in these times of great trial and that we need to be about His business, here, now. When Jesus calls there is no ‘just a minute while I finish this’, there is only ‘yes Lord’. When we hesitate, satan cheers and leaves us alone. But when we say ‘here I am Lord send me’, satan notices and sends his underlings to battle against us. These demons come in many forms, most are rooted in our emotions and are best fought with faith, love, prayer and hope.

As prayer warriors, Linda and I have placed ourselves on the front line in the battle against evil and we do feel the attacks of satan and his horde. As long as we hold firmly onto the Word of God, as long as we put on the whole armor of God daily, and as long as we listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will be blessed, happy and well.

As the end times draw nearer, the choices will narrow. Join us now. Pray for your family, pray for your friends, pray for your neighbors and pray for the lost.