Our joy this morning does not emanate from us and our joy is not from this world else it would be fleeting. No, our joy comes from the Lord. It does not matter how our health is, it does not matter where we are, it does not matter how we are treated, our joy is complete and our joy is constantly under attack. Satan realizes that our joy comes from being protected and cleansed from evil by the blood of Jesus and he knows he can reach us by eroding that joy. He also knows that large frontal assaults are easily recognized so he has a different, more insidious plan.

Every day satan and his many underlings send little trials to try to try to move us away from the Lord. If we are not paying attention to these small temptations and rebuking them we will soon find ourselves in the darkness, wondering where the Lord went, wondering why He is no longer close. Every morning we need to spend time in the Word and pray to the Lord for help. Help to recognize satan’s lies, help to be delivered from the small temptations that beset us daily and help to keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

Each day needs to be rededicated to Jesus and each night needs to be spent in review. Seeing where we pleased the Lord and where we failed Him, constantly seeking to reflect His glory.