Fear seems to rule the world today even more than in the past. We do not try to become friends with our neighbors through fear of rejection or even worse fear of who they appear to be. Skin color scares us, uniforms scare us, different beliefs scare us, new scares us.

Some of us are so afraid that we lash out at anyone who is not exactly like us when what we should be the most afraid of is in the mirror looking back at us with fear. It is our own prejudices, our own lack of self-respect and our own lack of faith that condemns us to a life of fear and a life of fear is no life at all.

The Lord tells us to fear not for He is with us. So if the Creator of the universe says we should not be afraid then we probably should listen. Do not be afraid to speak to our neighbors, do not be afraid of those in uniform and do not be afraid of different cultures and beliefs. Remember, God has this. Yes, we will probably purchase a handgun for protection and a rifle to hunt with, just in case. But this will not be done from fear but from caution. God said fear not, He did not say prepare not.