Where we are, we woke at 6 AM. Where we are from, it was 9 AM. So when we say what a great morning the Lord has provided for us (and He has) we have had no contact with the fallen world. At this point in our day we are still worshipping God, praising the Lord for another day and thanking Him for all that He has wrought. Thanks to modern technology, we can also read the words written hours earlier by friends in their worship time. Words of praise to the Lord, words of encouragement for us as we start our day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, people are already struggling with the effects of fallen man, already using the full armor of the Lord against a spiritual army determined to bring them to their downfall. Our prayer is that the Lord will whisper words of encouragement to them, that He will be their protection from evil and that they will draw comfort from His Presence.

When you put yourself in the hands of the Lord the trials and tribulations of the world fade from sight. Although you are still in the world, the world is no longer in you. Instead you are filled with the peace and comfort that comes only from God. Accept Jesus and feel peace.