We will be leaving here Sunday to finish this leg of our journey at Mom’s house on Monday. This is a beautiful area of New Mexico ringed by the desert mountains that are prevalent in the Southwest and filled with unusual, for us and especially our cat, plant and animal life. Although we agree that this could never be home, this area most certainly warrants frequent visits.

The people of Tombstone know their roles well and it is a major tourist attraction from October through May. Being here in the ‘off-season’ has given us the chance to relate more with the actors here and given us insights into the history of the town and what happens here today that we might have missed during the ‘season’.

One young Christian lady that we spoke with lamented the lack of Christian values here and spoke about a heaviness of spirit in the town. As we shared with her about our lives and how the Lord has worked in us and through us, we could see her spirits lifting. When we left to move on the next area we felt that we had left a little joy and hope behind. That is part of what is expected of us, bring hope to the hopeless, joy to the unhappy and healing to the spiritually hurting.