I have virtually no sense of smell. Does this make me less of a person? Do people look at me like I am imperfect and somehow less than they are? No of course not. In fact, if I say nothing, no one knows that one of my senses is defective. So, why do I talk about this?

It is important for people to know that imperfection is not rare. In fact, all humans are imperfect and all need help at some point in their lives. We are to always respond to the needs of others, without judging and without condemnation. We have all been there, we are all imperfect and we cannot judge that which we do not understand. Everyone needs to feel valued, everyone needs to be loved for who they are, not discarded for who they are not.

Society has become judgmental, full of indignation, anger and blind to the needs of others. All Christians need to step up. We need to walk through this life mirroring the love of Jesus and not emulating the actions of our broken society. We need to be the soothing balm that heals the hurts of many. We need to be the voice of reason that calms, not the voice of judgement that condemns. Our job is to love and let the Lord pass judgment.