Just attended a wonderful service via the internet at our home church in Dothan Alabama. This was the final sermon in a series speaking on spiritual warfare. The emphasis this week was all about going on the offensive, taking the battle to the world with a wide open spirit. We must be willing to let the Lord lead us and trust completely in Jesus.

Speaking openly and freely about Jesus, showing His love to the world, being willing to appear a fool for Christ and taking the first step to befriend others can all be unsettling to say the least. But, the rewards for these actions are enormous both in the hereafter and in the now. You will find that rather than fear and uncertainty, your heart will be filled with peace and joy and the more you put yourself out into the world under the blood of Jesus the more peace and joy you receive.

Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life and remember that someone showed you how to receive, someone cared enough to let you see salvation, someone’s light shone before you. Go, shine, talk, explain, serve, be that beacon that draws others to Jesus.