So how is it that we who have read the Word and believed the Word, who worship Jesus as our Lord and Savior, who profess to have seen miracles, who have been changed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, how is it that we sit with voices silent as our neighbors are lost for eternity? How can we be silent? How can we accept the gradual eroding society without trying to change the heart of society? We flee to the sanctuary of the church on Sunday and fellowship with other believers and then creep back into the world on Monday only to leave Sunday and Jesus behind and take back the lies of satan about hate and sin.

Where is the love that we speak of on Sunday and why does it turn to condemnation on Monday? We can all too easily show hatred and fear, return evil with even more evil and feed the downward spiral of our society into darkness and turmoil. Jesus taught us better than this. If we will but speak of the love of the Lord when confronted by evil, if we will but show His compassion to our friends and neighbors when they are hurting, we can change the world.