We are creatures of habit, at least I am. My daily routine of meditation, devotion reading and writing my thoughts down was briefly interrupted by a change to my routine. Something as simple as visiting with family can disrupt our devotion time. When what you want to do overrides your prayer life, your time with Jesus, there will be consequences.

I knew better and let it happen. Instead of working family into my relationship with the Lord, I tried to work the Lord into my relationship with my family. In doing this I have lost some of my peace and tranquility, in doing this I have started the baby steps that would lead me from God to my own ego-driven life. Feeling miserable and cranky (yes, believe it or not), a good dialogue between my ego and God’s will ensued. Guess who won.

We must be ever vigilant, supremely jealous of our time with God. We must nurture our soul with the Words of the Lord and we must seek Him constantly. Without a strong link to God we are too weak to help our family and friends and neighbors. So today we all need to resolve to keep our divine lines open so that when a spiritual need arises we are ready.