Good times with family always recharges our spirit, but in today’s world this happens all too infrequently for many of us. Circumstances move us far from each other and our own busyness keeps us apart. When we meet together there are shared memories to laugh about, separate times to catch up on and new memories to make. Then in just a few days, we separate once again, each going back to the routine of our own lives enriched with the love of family.

It is important for families to get together to remember, to love, to cherish each other while we still can because there will come a time when memories of each other will be all that is left. So today we laugh and love and watch each other with the full knowledge that we may not have more tomorrows and it is all right. God is here with us and will always be with us no matter how far apart we go. He will care for each of us and He will bring us home to Him at the appointed time. Whether we are together or apart we have the love for each other that can only come from the Lord and for that we will be eternally grateful.