This morning as we drink our coffee and prepare for the Lord’s Day and church with family, we are thankful for so many things. This life’s journey that we are on has taken many detours and many directions that we could not foresee. Each day has brought challenges and decisions that we have often tried to handle alone. In our humanness we have made mostly adequate decisions and so we have survived more or less intact. And that is exactly what the problem is. We have only survived when God wants us not only to survive but to thrive in joy and happiness and peace.

God did not create man to learn how to survive and ‘get along’ in this world. We were intended to have dominion over the world and all of the creatures of the land, air and water. God did not create us to argue and fight, to kill each other and desecrate the land, to pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink. So, He sent His Son into the world to show us how to live, how to get along and to teach us through His Word what the will of the Lord truly is. Jesus died showing us how to live. Jesus died as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

Christ died for you won’t you live for Him?